How to choose the right financial product for you and your family

How to choose the right financial product for you and your family

July 13, 2021 Comments Off on How to choose the right financial product for you and your family By admin

Choosing the right product to help you keep your money safe is essential to keeping it safe, says the chief executive of financial advice provider Choice Financial.

Choice Financial chief executive and author Ben Wiles says the most important part of financial planning is to understand the risk of each product and what it will do to your finances.

“If you don’t know what you are buying, you may not know what it is doing to your money,” he says.

He says you should ask your financial advisor what products they recommend, as well as the company they are recommending them from.

Mr Wiles also says it is important to understand your overall budget and if it is enough to cover your costs.

It is also important to ask your bank to ensure that the products you are purchasing are suitable for your needs.

You should also consider whether the products are worth the money you are paying.

A new study found that for people with low incomes, choosing the best financial product is important.

Dr Laura Jekic from the University of Western Australia’s School of Social Work says many people have not considered the implications of buying a financial product.

She says people may assume that because you have to pay the same amount for a product, the same price is also the same for you.

However, she says this isn’t always the case.

Instead, people may be paying for the same product when they could have bought something cheaper.

The new study, conducted by the University’s Institute of Consumer Research and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, found that a range of financial products were more expensive than other options.

They included products such as a mortgage payment calculator, a savings account and a personal finance budget.

For some people, the most expensive financial product was the mortgage payment tool, which cost $3,895 per month.

That was a $1,600 difference.

Other products were less expensive, such as an investment account, which was $2,500.

But, Dr Jekics says, most people were not aware of these costs.

“If they know they can get a higher interest rate if they have a higher income, they may think, ‘Oh well, I’ll pay that, why not?'” she says.

“But it’s really about the risk-adjusted return on investment.”

Dr Jekicas study found consumers who bought financial products on their own were not only more likely to get a better financial return than those who bought them through a financial service provider, but were also less likely to have financial problems in the future.

In addition, consumers who did not get a financial advisor recommended product were more likely than those with financial advisers were to experience financial problems over the next five years.


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