How to get out of a bad loan and into a better one

How to get out of a bad loan and into a better one

July 27, 2021 Comments Off on How to get out of a bad loan and into a better one By admin

Financial analysis can help you understand how much debt you need to cut to pay off a loan and how much it will cost you to pay back.

Read moreThe survey of nearly 1,000 Australians who applied for a range of financial products on behalf of the Government found the average loan amount was $13,400, with a median loan of $6,200.

“We know that for the average person, they’ll need to work for six months on average to pay down a loan, so that’s where the financial analysis comes in,” says Dr Peter McCafferty, chief executive of the Australian Financial Review.

“If you’re a student, you may need to borrow as much as you can, so the longer you’re doing it the more you’ll have to pay for the loan.”

That’s when we start looking at other things like your age, and where you’re coming from.

“Dr McCafferts research found the majority of people are more likely to repay a loan if they are already making income than if they have to work, so it’s important to keep an eye on that.

Dr McCaffery said most people would be better off if they had an income.”

It’s going to be really good to get some sort of income, and you can then be more flexible with how much you’re paying off a student loan,” he said.”

People will be able to work longer and earn more, and that’s a good thing for everybody.

“While the average interest rate on student loans was 4.3%, Dr McCafferys research found that for some people, that interest rate could drop to as low as 0.3%.

The survey also found many people would rather pay the interest on their student loan than repay it, with 75% of respondents agreeing with the statement, “I’d rather pay off the loan than pay it back”.

While the majority thought that interest was a good way to pay, there were some that believed it was not the right time to do so.”

I’m not going to pay it off now, I’ll pay it later, I think it’s best to wait until you get a job,” one respondent said.

For more information about the survey, including a breakdown of each product’s costs, visit the Australian Federal Government website.


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