Sheffield finance graduate’s £12m payday could be worth more than £2m

Sheffield finance graduate’s £12m payday could be worth more than £2m

September 29, 2021 Comments Off on Sheffield finance graduate’s £12m payday could be worth more than £2m By admin

With the payday of her last contract coming in today, she’s just a bit behind her target to recoup her first ever wage.

Sheffield finance graduate Aida Elia was recently awarded her first contract at a bank by the local council in her hometown of Sheffield, England, with an initial salary of £12,500.

But that is set to grow to £20,000 after an initial pay period of four weeks.

It is a career highlight for the 29-year-old, who had been a full-time student at the University of Sheffield since 2009.

She told News24: ‘I was hoping to get a full time job in the city so I could be closer to family and friends.’

But now I’m just getting the first pay day, so it’s fantastic.’

I’ve never felt like I could go out to eat.

I’ve been to the pub once a week, and I’ve got two kids to feed.’

It’s really exciting for me.’

The Sheffield Financial Services (SWS) graduate has been working as a financial consultant for the past year, but has only started earning her first pay for the bank in the past two weeks.’

Working for a bank was really fun and I was really proud of myself for getting a first contract,’ she said.’

They asked me what I wanted to do after I got the contract, and it was just about getting my career going.’

She said the payday is ‘quite amazing’ as she now has access to a wider range of options than she did when she was earning £12k a year.’

When I started, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it at all, and now I can afford it,’ she added.’

If you’re lucky enough to have a good job, then you’ll be able to get to the top of the list quite easily.’

She added that the bank is ‘happy’ to help out with the extra cash.’

At the moment we’ve had two of our financial advisers call and help out.

We are in contact with them and they’re keen to work with us to help us achieve our goals,’ she explained.

She said she hopes the payday will help her to ‘get on with my life’.’

It was a big change for me to be able say I’ve done my first payday, and the bank said they’re glad to help me get back on track,’ she commented.’

Hopefully I can put a bit more money aside and make it into something more.’

The bank is always helpful to us.

I hope to work at the bank as much as I can for a while.’

The bank says that its financial advisers have helped her achieve a first pay of £24,500, but she said she would still be able ‘to earn that if I’m lucky enough.’

She has also applied to the Sheffield University Student Financial Services to take part in a further financial education course, which would be funded by the bank.’

This will hopefully get me closer to my goal,’ she promised.’

You can only do so much and if you can keep working hard and make progress then you can definitely get where you want to be.’

For more on the financial sector, watch the News24 special on how to make a start.

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