How to become a billionaire?

How to become a billionaire?

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How to get rich in India – The Times Of India title A look at the world’s richest men article Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has announced a new plan to make India a global powerhouse.

He said he wants to build a hotel and a mall in Mumbai, and plans to spend around $2bn on a new airport.

Mr Khan, an Indian-born, Australian-raised actor, is the chairman of a major property development company that owns the Taj Mahal in the southern city of Agra.

The project has also attracted interest from Dubai, the birthplace of the world cricket team, where he is the owner.

Mr Trump has been making a name for himself as the country’s richest man, but India has yet to be in the running for the title.

His company has bought and sold apartments in Mumbai and Agra, as well as the Taj, while he has also purchased and sold properties in Mumbai’s posh Gulbarga area.

He has also been linked to a string of luxury hotels in the city, including the $20m Sheraton Hotel in Agra and the $200m Trump Tower in New York.

His father, Fred Trump, was once India’s richest person but sold his shares in his company to make his fortune.

He died in 2009 at the age of 90.

India’s billionaires: the real names Source: Forbes article The US president’s business empire began in the early 1950s, when he started the Trump Organization.

It is estimated that his wealth in India is about $1.4bn, making him the most powerful person in the world.

The Trump Organization has since expanded into other businesses, including hotels and golf courses.

But India has long been seen as a far less lucrative market for Mr Trump.

While it has been reported that he has a stake in the Taj and a controlling interest in the Trump Tower, Mr Khan said in a statement that he had sold his stake in both businesses to raise funds for his project.

Mr Kaul, who owns a share of the Taj hotel, said he had decided to sell out because he did not want to give his business away to someone who was “not even Indian”.

The Taj Mahals was built in 1889 to honour the Taj’s father, the former ruler of Tajikistan, and is now the tallest structure in the World.

The Taj was the world-famous Taj Maha Hotel, and the hotel was opened in 1892.

The Agra airport was opened by the British in 1931.

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