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Financial engineering for the future

July 9, 2021 Comments Off on Financial engineering for the future By admin

FinTech companies, banks and others are in the process of creating financial engineering systems to enable their customers to transact more efficiently, according to an influential new report by the European Financial Engineering Association.

The report is aimed at attracting more European companies to create and run their own financial engineering networks, according a spokesman for the EFEA.

“It’s an emerging field that is gaining momentum, and one that we want to be part of the conversation,” said the spokesman, who asked not to be identified.

He said the report aims to encourage European firms to create financial engineering services.

The EFEAs report focuses on financial engineering because the market is so saturated with options.

There are a range of different options out there, and we believe there are opportunities for financial engineering to be a viable business model in the future, the EMEA spokesman said.

Financial engineering, which is based on the idea that an enterprise can manage and reduce the costs of financial services for its customers, is also popular in the US, where a number of banks and financial institutions have been developing their own systems.

The report also examines the impact that the digitalisation of financial technology has had on the industry.

It is the first comprehensive assessment of the industry to take place in Europe, the report said.

It found that financial engineering is growing in popularity, especially among large companies, and that it is increasingly popular among smaller companies.

It also noted that the technology has become so fast that many companies are not able to scale up quickly enough.

“With the increasing adoption of financial engineering as an important way of managing the financial environment, there is increasing demand for financial engineers and an increasing demand to know how they can make financial decisions,” the EFIAs report said, noting that there are more than 6,000 financial engineering professionals worldwide, representing almost 50% of the total workforce.


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