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How to handle the fallout from a financial collapse

August 23, 2021 Comments Off on How to handle the fallout from a financial collapse By admin

The fallout from the US housing market collapse continues to be felt, and it could take months for the financial industry to recover. 

“We’ve got to be vigilant, but we have to be patient,” Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen told reporters on Wednesday.

“It takes a while for the system to recover from what happened.”

Yellen said she did not believe the US financial sector would have been hit with another global financial crisis in the same way as the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and she did, however, caution that the market has not fully recovered from the financial crisis.

The Fed has said it will cut rates again this year, with Yellen predicting a gradual decrease in the pace of rate hikes, although it could be delayed until 2018.

“I don’t see the economy really going into a crisis, I think it will be more of a gradual adjustment,” Yellen said.

“But, you know, we need to be cautious about that, but that will take time.”

Yellin said there were other aspects of the US economy, including consumer spending, which was at a 15-year high in December, and that it had not yet recovered fully from the effects of the recession.

“We’re still on a long-term trend, where people are still going to have difficulty finding jobs,” she said.

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A new startup is testing how people can use blockchain to track and invest in their own businesses.

July 9, 2021 Comments Off on A new startup is testing how people can use blockchain to track and invest in their own businesses. By admin

Posted May 23, 2019 07:12:13The blockchain technology used in the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency is not secure.

However, some startups are trying to overcome that and use it to help companies manage their assets and businesses.

According to The Economist, a blockchain startup called Credo, which recently raised $3.7 million in Series A funding from investors including Facebook, has created a way to track the assets of the owners of a company and then sell them on to investors.

Credo’s business model is simple: it tracks ownership and then sells the assets to fund its users’ business.

In a video posted to Credo on its website, the startup founder, Adam Bensahed, said that, while he and his co-founder, Nick Fogg, were trying to make their blockchain technology secure, they discovered a new way to use it.

They used the blockchain to record the assets’ ownership, including their current market value.

“The blockchain, which is a public ledger, gives you all the information,” Bensat told the magazine.

“And then you can use that information to make a lot of other transactions on the blockchain.”

Bensaamed said the way the company uses blockchain technology to track ownership and sell its assets is to keep the ownership in the public domain.

“There’s a lot more trust than we could ever manage on paper,” he said.

Credo is not alone in trying to use blockchain technology.

In April, The New York Times reported that an Australian company called Bitcore was developing a similar blockchain-based business model, as well as an app that would let users sell their assets.

But Bensaahed said his company, which focuses on managing assets and other financial transactions, has been testing its product in a small number of small businesses.

In May, the San Francisco-based company was selected to sponsor a $10 million Series A round from investors like eBay and PayPal, along with the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and Airbnb.

“We are a small startup with an interesting technology and it is going to be interesting to see what people do with it,” said Bensawhaid.

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