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The financial crisis has put a damper on rugby league’s development

August 10, 2021 Comments Off on The financial crisis has put a damper on rugby league’s development By admin

Financial crisis has made it tough to recruit, keep and promote talented young talent in Australia, according to the Financial Peace University’s Chief Executive, Harley Davidson.

“The NRL has been able to retain the talent that it has and attract top talent to the game through the financial support provided by the Government,” Mr Davidson said.

“However, with the introduction of financial incentives in the 2018 financial year, the NRL’s recruitment, retention and development strategy has become harder to sustain.”

The new financial incentives, which start next year, will see the NRL increase the amount of its revenue from the commercial rights and sponsorship of its games from $1.1 billion to $1 billion.

The NRL also announced it would no longer be the only NRL club in the commercial TV market, meaning its TV deals will also include ABC, Fox and Sky.

“While the introduction and growth of the TV industry has been beneficial to the NRL, we have been unable to sustain the level of investment necessary to compete in the market,” Mr Davey said.

Financial incentives announced by the NRL in 2018 have not been enough to lure the top talent.

The financial pressure on the game, coupled with the lack of a pathway to a Super League title has led to a decline in the level and quality of players that the league is recruiting, retaining and promoting.

The financial pressures on the sport, coupled, with a lack of support from the Government, led to the decline in quality of NRL players that led to it losing the 2017 and 2018 World Cup.

The new incentives, Mr Davidson says, will be good for the game but will also hurt.

“We have seen the NRL lose the NRL World Cup, which is a huge financial blow for the sport and the NRL for the future,” Mr Davidson said.

The Financial Peace’s Chief Financial Officer, Harley Davey, says the NRL is losing the game.

Photo: Jason South “It is also impacting the competitiveness of the NRL and the clubs that we represent.”

If the Government does not support the game in the future, it will ultimately affect the quality of the game.

“He said the NRL needed a change in mindset.”

When you have a system that is failing to attract the talent it needs to attract, the system has to be changed and the best players are going to be the ones that are getting the most exposure,” Mr Davidsons words echoed by a number of former players who have now left the game to find work.

The AFL has announced it will also provide an additional $1 million to the league over the next three years to fund recruitment and development.”

I am very proud of the financial leadership that the AFL has shown in the last two years,” Mr Kelly said.

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