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What’s going on at the Jovia Financial Corp.?

October 14, 2021 Comments Off on What’s going on at the Jovia Financial Corp.? By admin

Jovias financial services is now being sued by a number of its clients in a lawsuit accusing the bank of deceiving them and failing to tell them the extent of their losses.

The suit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says Jovial Financial Group Inc., the parent company of Jovian, violated state consumer protection laws by failing to disclose in 2011 that the firm’s own auditors were warning of a possible collapse in the value of the company’s bonds, and that Joviatra’s own analysts had warned in 2012 that the company was on the brink of default.

The suit claims that Jovelli Financial Group, which is owned by Jovians parent company Joviacs, knew of the auditors’ warnings but failed to disclose it to its customers.

In the lawsuit, Jovis Financial Group also is accused of failing to make a timely disclosure to its clients of the extent to which the firm was selling assets it acquired from the banks.

The agency said in a statement Thursday that it had launched a criminal investigation into the matter.

Jovia is the world’s biggest bond issuer and one of the biggest holders of debt securities.

Its shares rose 3.3% Thursday in New York.

Jovica shares closed up 3.9% in Frankfurt, a day earlier.

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